Event pro specializes in providing photos at golf outings. Here is an example of how that works.


MethodistASSIGNMENT: Take pictures of foursomes and have photos delivered and ready to take home before golfers are finished playing their round. The event Pro photographer works backward around the course, cordially waiting until the four players are lined up at their shot and snaps a quick picture with the course as a background. When all foursomes have been taken, the photographer heads into the clubhouse and prints the photos.  A golf-themed template is drawn around the photo that includes the name of the event as well as the year. The photos are placed in a sharp acrylic stand for display and are ready to take home before the round ends. 

*Golf outing planners tell us they like the photos because not only are they a great gift, they are the only personalized item in the goodie bag and they serve as a great reminder for the event next year.